Paris, 26 November 2019 – Lagardère Sports, a company of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, is proud to announce a partnership between the OBJECTIFCODE brand and the esport team SOLARY for a one year term.

SOLARY is an esport brand, created two years ago, that brings together streamers playing various games such as Fortnite, League Of Legends, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros, Trackmania or FIFA. It also offers three 24/7 WebTVs on its website: SOLARY, SOLARYFORTNITE and SOLARYHS, making it the WebTV leader in France.

ObjectifCode is an interactive platform created by the SGS France Group in 2016. It offers candidates from France and overseas territories the opportunity to register for the French driving theory test, either as an independent candidate or via their driving school, with a simple click on their website ( for only 30 euros (price fixed by the State).

As a major partner, ObjectifCode will be displayed on the top right of the esport team shirts. A comprehensive digital activation device will also be established. Two “Trackmania Solary Party” tournaments, assembling the best players in the game, will also be organised at the brand’s premises in Tours and will be broadcast live on their WebTV platform with major visibility for ObjectifCode at the events.

In 2020, six live broadcasts showcasing the support six team players will receive from ObjectifCode in obtaining their driving licences will be created and broadcast on Solary WebTV. In addition, a contest will be organised on ObjectifCode’s social networks to allow a privileged few to participate in 24h Stud’kart in a Solary kart and to come up against the members of their favourite esport team.

Sébastien Danvel, Programme Director at ObjectifCode, Groupe SGS France: “We are delighted to be able to follow this young team, who are shining on the national and international scene. Solary shares our values, with close-knit players and atypical profiles. We are proud to accompany these young people, who represent the society of today and tomorrow. They are revelling in their freedom, and that’s what we want to communicate through our service – offering young people the opportunity to spread their wings with their driving licence.”

Laurent Moretti, General Director, Lagardère Sports:We are happy to have brought ObjectifCode and the Esport Solary team together. This new partnership will allow ObjectifCode to boost its visibility and reputation while highlighting the success of young people. Esport is a growing industry and a real opportunity for brands to reach new targets.”

Sakor Ros, Chairman of Solary: “We are delighted with the trust ObjectifCode has placed in us for communicating to a young target audience. Once they explained their services, the collaboration immediately seemed obvious. We are so convinced of the relevance of this partnership that some of us have already planned to get a driving licence this year and of course take the test with ObjectifCode!”


 About Lagardère Sports

Lagardère Sports is a leading sports and entertainment marketing agency, enhancing the global network of local experts dedicated to providing innovative solutions to its clients. Sport has the particular power to elicit emotions and generate passion, can be sources of personal enrichment and sharing, and cause intense collective experiences. At Lagardère Sports, we dedicate our passion and expertise to our clients by offering them privileged access to the endless opportunities within sports and entertainment. Lagardère Sports is part of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment with more than 1700 employees worldwide, and has a history spanning back over 50 years


 About SGS France –

SGS is the world leader in inspection, control, analysis and certification. Recognised as the benchmark for quality and integrity, SGS employs 97,000 people and operates a network of more than 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world. In France, SGS now has 2,800 employees at more than 120 offices and control centres and 33 laboratories. Our services are available throughout the supply chain and cover many sectors such as agricultural and agri-food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer goods, transport, energy, chemicals, the environment, industrial services etc.

In France, SGS is also a major player in road safety. With the SECURITEST and AUTO SECURITY FRANCE networks, SGS is no. 1 in car inspection services, with nearly 2,000 test centres. SGS France has also been approved by the Ministry since 23 May 2016 to hold driving theory tests throughout the country and overseas territories at more than 500 centres. With ObjectifCode, SGS offers candidates from all over France the opportunity to register as an independent candidate or via their driving school through its interactive platform


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Océanne Trovo – Attachée de presse SGS France
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