December 18, 2017 –, Lagardère Sports today announced the extension of the partnership between Hyundai, a South-Korean car manufacturer and Olympique Lyonnais.

Lagardère Sports, OL’s exclusive sports marketing agency, has contributed to bringing Hyundai and the club together, since the 2012-2013 season. As OL’s premium partner, Hyundai’s logo can be seen on the front of OL’s jersey during all Ligue 1 games, on all Groupama Stadium’s displays and across the club’s media platforms. For the next two seasons, Hyundai has further strengthened its partnership with the club by becoming the Official Partner of the women’s team. Through this premium partnership, the brand will multiply its innovative activations to share the Hyundai 360 experience with fans and audiences:

  • “Partager Hyundai”: Hyundai Motor France will set up a brand-new programme called #PartagerHyundai allowing OL’s fans to go to OL’s home games via a carpool. Also, across the weekend they will get a chance to check out the latest Hyundai release. Meanwhile, Hyundai will donates 3€ for every 5km driven, to OL’s foundation.
  • “Parking des 40”: At every home game, 40 parking spots will be offered to Hyundai car owners in a VIP parking lot in the colors of the brand. 
  • Hyundai Showroom”: A space in the official OL store will be dedicated to Hyundai to share the brand experience to OL’s fans through a WRC simulator, photo booths and a digital quiz animated by Gregory Coupet. 
  • Collector jerseys maker”: an initative that sees a unique jersey designed by the Lyonnais Birdy Kids group that reuses jerseys, linking OL and Hyundai from the past six seasons.
  • Carwash operation”: For the most prestigious games, a 10 agent squad, suited in the colours of the brand, offers car washing to cars located in the stadium’s parking lots.
  • Enormous tweets operation”:, The brand displayed the most supporting fans’ tweets in the stadium as closely as possible to the field during a game against AS Monaco. 
  • SociOLroom by Hyundai”: A connected space dedicated to the brand inside the Groupama Stadium gathered bloggers and social media influencers, that interacedt with fans online and exchanged exclusive content during OL’s greatest games. This campaign was elected the best activation around a sport event at the Trophées Sponsora du Marketing Sportif in 2015. 
  • Finally, all the male and female players and all their staff own a Hyundai car.

The car manufacturer and the club will strengthen and pursue – in collaboration with Lagardère Sports – their current marketing operations while planning new ones, starting next season. Those operations will be put in place especially through the Groupama Stadium mobile app and the OL women games.

Lionel French Keogh, Hyundai Motor France CEO :“Hyundai and OL share common values, such as a strong base including a training center and the brand new Groupama Stadium, product quality and clients’ loyalty for Hyundai. We also share the ambition to continually improve in a very competitive environment.

The six years of partnership with OL have placed Hyundai as one of the main players in the French football industry. The contract renewal and its extension to the women’s team for the next two years will allow us to develop our reputation in France and share the passion around football with our prospects and clients all around the country.” 

Jean-Michel Aulas, Olympique Lyonnais President :

“This partnership extension with Hyundai, that now extends to the women’s OL team, is a testament to the success of the collaboration between the Olympique Lyonnais and its historic partner, a parter which hasmanaged to make the most of the communication and digital activation opportunities suggested by the club and the Groupama Stadium. The new partnership with the women’s OL team demonstrates our common goal to promote values of parity and the recognition of women’s football quality, at the dawn of the 2019 Women Football World Cup in France.”

Laurent Moretti, Managing Director of Lagardère Sports France : “We’re delighted to help extend the contract between Hyundai and the Olympique Lyonnais for two more seasons! This extension demonstrates the shared trust of all parties and rewards the tremendous work by our teams through the last seasons. Lagardère Sports’ wish is to assist Olympique Lyonnais and its partners by providing its network and expertise to reach the club’s objectives on a national and international level. The loyalty of such a major car brand like Hyundai demonstrates the expertise of Lagardère Sports to manage premium rights with important players in the sports industry.”

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