Paris, 9 February 2018 – Jeep®, a registered trademark of FCA Group (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), is to become the official sponsor of the Ligue Nationale de Basket (French National Basketball League) until 2021. From now, the French Pro A Basketball Championships will be known as ‘Jeep® ELITE’.

Through this naming partnership, Jeep® has become concretely and comprehensively associated with the LNB, its championship and the basketball world in general. Jeep® and the LNB have positioned themselves around the common values of authenticity, dynamism and conviviality.

Other strong factors have also led to this union: the urban and contemporary aspect of basketball anchors the Jeep® brand in an environment that aligns perfectly with its aspirations and goals. Furthermore, basketball is a typically ‘American’ sport, is popular, and has a collaborative and friendly image that Jeep® is also contributing to. Finally, as a global brand, it was a foregone conclusion that Jeep® would join forces with a discipline as universal as basketball. With this ‘naming’, which is a first for the two partners, there is a common objective: to increase exposure for the championship and the Jeep® brand.

With a team of more than 20 employees in France and more than 300 employees worldwide, Lagardère Plus is the advisory and activation agency of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, a branch of the Lagardère Group.

After initiating the strategy of speaking out through sport and then working, upon choosing the best area, to finally gain approval for basketball to have a ‘naming’ partnership, Lagardère Plus will support Jeep® to implement and promote Jeep® ELITE and therefore enhance the brand’s exposure and notoriety. As well as using traditional methods (media, events, experiential marketing, and public relations), Lagardère Plus will support Jeep® and its agencies to involve its entire distribution network and generate traffic using a digital and social media-based system. Lagardère Plus will therefore allow Jeep® to connect exposure, engagement and experience in basketball by revealing the Jeep® range to basketball fans in France throughout the year.

According to Sébastien Perrais, Director of Jeep® France and Stéphane Labous, Brand, Marketing and Communications Director for FCA France, “the idea of this partnership began in the autumn of 2017 whilst devising the strategy for 2018. In collaboration with Lagardère Plus, we have analysed several possible activation areas in order to increase brand exposure. We quickly became focussed on sport and, more specifically, basketball. The idea was to create a strong partnership with the Ligue Nationale de Basket and its professional championship. Within this framework, our choice was clearly to study the opportunity around changing the name of the men’s professional championship in order to emerge very quickly and to have strong exposure by associating Jeep® with the competition. For the two partners, Jeep® France and the Ligue Nationale de Basket, it’s the first time that they have engaged in a ‘naming’ strategy. There is a common and shared objective: to increase the exposure of the Jeep® and championship brands.”

For Hervé Bodinier, Executive General Manager France of Lagardère Plus, “Lagardère Plus is proud to be working with Jeep® in its partnership with the LNB and the launch of Jeep® ELITE. With this new client, Lagardère Plus is able to assert its expertise in advisory services and brand support, particularly in the automobile industry. After analysing the market and the ambitions of Jeep®, we proposed a relevant brand position which is in keeping with its objectives and the aspirations of its audience. Whilst working with the teams at Jeep®, the LNB and its agency Sport & CO, the ‘naming’ quickly became a priority. As an iconic brand in the automobile industry, Jeep® will be present at all Jeep® ELITE matches through 360° activation tools and events inside and outside the venues, as well as through innovative representation in the media and on digital platforms. These activities will use the aims of Jeep® and basketball fans in order to increase brand notoriety, create content and excite Jeep® distributors. We are thrilled and enthusiastic about the idea of supporting Jeep® in its partnership, which is unprecedented in French basketball.”



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Lagardère Plus is a global agency that aims to:

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With more than 300 employees worldwide, 20 of which are based in France, Lagardère Plus addresses brand issues by coming up with creative activation strategies where emotion and experience promote partnerships.

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