Paris, 5 February 2020 –  Jeep®, sponsor of the French Basketball Championship with the Jeep® ELITE, has won the title of “Sponsor of the Year” at the Trophées Sporsora 2020. This is the most prestigious category which recognises the advertiser who has successfully developed the partnership most in line with its strategic objectives.

The Trophées Sporsora awards have been given to the most innovative and effective sports marketing strategies for 16 years.

Two years ago, almost to the day (8 February 2018), the Jeep® ELITE, in close partnership with the National Basketball League (LNB) was born, succeeding the Pro A.

For Stéphane Labous, Director of the Jeep® brand in France, “winning this ‘Sponsor of the year’ trophy is a magnificent reward for all the teams who have been involved in this sponsorship deal: firstly the Jeep® team and the employees of FCA, Lagardère Plus, with whom this partnership was built, the Jeep® ELITE clubs and of course the LNB and its agency Sport & Co. They all worked intelligently and quickly to establish the implementation of the Jeep® ELITE. As we have seen for two years, this partnership mixes two universes, each bringing its values ​​and its heritage to write a beautiful story. We wanted to take a new step, by greatly increasing the familiarity of Jeep® on the French market by being even closer to consumers. This partnership, due to its size and the popularity of basketball, with a friendly and dynamic image, is a great sounding board which brings a unique visibility to Jeep® as official sponsor.”

The Jeep® ÉLITE, an all-terrain sponsorship: In order to meet the challenges of Jeep® in terms of increasing the visibility and familiarity of its models, a 360° action plan was designed to guarantee significant benefits for the brand, its network but also for the League and the Clubs of the Jeep® ELITE. The deployment of media and non-media activations comprising several strategic components drawn up in collaboration with Lagardère Plus is structured as follows :

Media: integration of the Jeep® ÉLITE logo and statement “Jeep® Official Sponsor of the LNB” in final packshot of the brand’s TV campaigns, as well as a specific media plan in digital and print form (e.g.: “The 5 major” device with L’Equipe).

Digital: development of a dedicated platform “Basket Fan Zone by Jeep®” with the implementation of recruitment mechanisms, brand content and influencers.

Local activations at Jeep® distributors with a display of vehicles during matches and local partnerships with clubs including a hospitality programme.

Jeep® ÉLITE Corner inside the Jeep® MotorVillage Champs-Elysées flagship store.

National events:  activities during the play-offs, the Disneyland® Paris Leaders Cup LNB + sponsorship of the All Star Game dunk competition

Press relations: bimonthly operations integrating vehicle testing and basketball experience around matches

Launch of Special Series for the Renegade and Compass models called the “Basket Series with LNB” with distinctive elements compared to standard models (orange exterior mirrors, hood sticker, specific logos etc.) In addition, these Special Series come with a basketball from the current season and a watch with an especially created logo.

After 24 months of partnership, the results are more than positive. It has enabled Jeep® to strengthen its legitimacy and its proximity to basketball fans, to improve its brand image and to develop the renown of its models and people’s intentions to buy a Jeep®.

Hervé Bodinier, Deputy General Director at Lagardère Plus: “This trophy rewards the Jeep® brand, which knows how to perfectly use sports marketing in its communication strategy. It is also the result of a great collaboration between the Jeep® teams, the LNB and a passionate team within Lagardère Plus, in digital, events and client management. We had already seen that this sponsorship appealed to basketball fans and the Jeep® target audience and that it had established itself in the media, but having the recognition of sports marketing professionals shows that the audacity to create the Jeep® Elite has worked. We are very proud to have supported Jeep® from the definition of their strategy to the operational deployment in the distribution network, on all levels of the Jeep® Elite as close as possible to the fans.  This illustrates what Lagardère Plus is capable of offering to brands who want to use sport in their communication.”

About Jeep®

Jeep® is a brand of the FCA group (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), which in 2018 registered around 1.4 million vehicles worldwide, quadrupling its sales (404,000 vehicles in 2010) since the acquisition of the Chrysler Group LLC by Fiat SpA in 2009 and now positioning itself as the world leader in SUVs.

Symbol of freedom, adventure, authenticity, passion and uniqueness, Jeep® combines style and modularity with know-how and benchmarking capabilities that are benchmarks worldwide. Based on more than 78 years of experience and a legendary heritage, Jeep® offers a range of authentic, versatile and high-end SUVs. All models have been designed to provide their users with a sense of safety and unparalleled pleasure for any journey.

In France, the Brand has also experienced an acceleration in its sales over the last seven years, going from 2,300 vehicles in 2013 to more than 13,000 in 2019, a growth that is set to continue, thanks to models perfectly adapted to the development of the French market with the launch in June 2020 of the Renegade and Compass 4xe rechargeable hybrids.

To support this development and strengthen the familiarity of the brand’s models with the general public, Jeep® wanted to associate itself with a sporting discipline in perfect sync with its essential values (passion, freedom, adventure, authenticity, American origins) and its targets (same type of audience) while strengthening proximity with its customers and prospects.

For more information on the Jeep® range, visit:

About the LNB

Created on 27 June 1987, the French National Basketball League (LNB) organises the two professional men’s championships of the 1st division and PRO B (2nd division). The events it organises are all essential meetings throughout the season. The Match of Champions, the All Star Game, Disneyland Paris Leaders Cup LNB, the LNB Finals or the Trophy of the Future for young hopefuls, are colourful shows where the public delight in the level of play of these orange ball professionals.

Second most popular team sport in terms of the number of licensees, number one indoor team sport in terms of spectators, basketball is hugely popular. The LNB and its clubs bring together more than 1.7 million spectators at basketball courts every year.

About Lagardère Plus

Lagardère Plus is a global agency with a mission to transform traditional brand sponsorships into highly inventive and impactful marketing platforms. Plus has the expertise, experience, and privileged access of a global leader in sports, entertainment, media and lifestyle. We understand brands, fans and properties – and the dynamics between them – better than anyone. Whether your business is new to partnership marketing or a highly-experienced player, we hope to take you somewhere new. Lagardère Plus has offices in Berlin, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Manchester, Munich, New York, Paris, Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo, and is part of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, a company with more than 1,700 employees worldwide and 50 years of experience. For more information, find us at, on Instagram (lagardere_plus), and Twitter (@Lagardere_Plus).

Jeep®, official sponsor of the French National Basketball League