Augsburg, 04 September 2018 – More good news from the circle of sponsors at FC Augsburg (FCA): Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung will continue to be the club’s exclusive partner. The exclusive partnership with the company from Höchstädt on the Danube, brokered by Lagardère Sports, was extended for another three years at the start of the season. Grünbeck will continue to use a mixture of different measures and media at FCA in order to communicate nationally via TV-relevant advertising and locally with measures within the stadium. In addition to its presence on perimeter boards, it is increasingly focusing on the club’s digital channels. In addition, Grünbeck will invite guests at home games to its own lodge at the WWK ARENA.

Dr Günter Stoll, CEO of Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung explains: “We are very satisfied with our first three years as an exclusive partner, as we were able to increase our awareness, to give impetus to the Grünbeck brand and to effectively present our products time and again. Therefore, it was logical that we should continue on this path together with FC Augsburg. We look forward to the upcoming years by the club’s side.”

“FC Augsburg is a family club that honours values ​​such as a down-to-earth attitude and cohesion. We share these attributes with our exclusive partner Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung. With their management, not only do I see enthusiasm for the football at the WWK ARENA, but I also always feel that they are making a positive contribution to the FCA family. That makes Grünbeck a valuable partner and we are delighted to have them by our side for the coming seasons,” says Robert Schraml, Managing Director Marketing & Sales at FC Augsburg.

Simon Wortmann, team leader of the Lagardère Sports Team at FCA, adds: “The partnership between FC Augsburg and Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung is a good example of modern sponsorship. Three years ago, a multifaceted rights package was created together to provide the optimum support for the company’s communication mix. In the current discussions, all components have now been re-examined and adjustments made in certain areas to meet the slightly changed communication requirements, for example through the increased use of digital FCA media. This corresponds to both parties’ idea of a close and trusting partnership.”