MSV Duisburg has extended its exclusive partnership with GEBAG Duisburger Baugesellschaft mbH by one year, with an option for an extension. As part of the cooperation, GEBAG will benefit from extensive services such as its presence on the LED crowd-facing boards, a hospitality package and local fan promotions. For example, the construction company will offer families reduced admission to MSV Duisburg home games on two GEBAG Family Days. Furthermore, the company logo will feature on the substitution board.

“GEBAG and MSV are two strong partners from and for Duisburg,” explains Peter Mohnhaupt, Managing Director of the Zebras. “Above all, MSV and the people of Duisburg will benefit from this friendly partnership with its many joint promotions that have been cherished for years, such as the GEBAG Family Days.”

Bernd Wortmeyer, Managing Director of GEBAG Baugesellschaft mhH, explains: “As a long-established Duisburg-based property company, we not only want to make a positive contribution to urban development, but also support the Zebras as a standard-bearer for Duisberg. We are also pleased that we can make Duisburg families happy on our GEBAG Family Days.”

Christian Hechler, team leader of the Lagardère Sports marketing team for MSV Duisburg, adds: “The partnership is a win not only for the club and GEBAG, but also for the fans of Duisburg who will benefit from local promotions. We are looking forward to reactivating the partnership.”

About GEBAG Duisburger Baugesellschaft mbH

Residential space development with social responsibility: founded in 1872 as Duisburger Gemeinnützige Baugesellschaft AG, GEBAG is still the largest property company in the city of Duisburg. With more than 12,000 flats, GEBAG offers residents affordable, high-quality and modern living spaces in Duisburg – thus making a positive contribution to the promotion of urban development.