Hamburg, 24 April 2017 – The European eSports team Unicorns of Love (UoL) and eNgage are extending their current partnership in time of the 2017 European League of Legends Championship Spring Finals (EU LCS). The focus drinks company is expanding its commitment and entering into a long-term partnership with the Unicorns. As part of this, eNgage will promote its all-natural focus drinks “eNgage” and “diseNgage” with UoL while boosting the team’s performance. The drinks were launched in mid-April. Lagardère Sports, the exclusive marketing partner of UoL, helped secure the partnership. This is the second deal for the global sports marketing agency since announcing they would be working with UoL early in February 2017.

Going forward, the eNgage logo will be featured on the team’s jerseys and eNgage will increase its focus on digital communication with the pink Unicorns’ interactive fan base. The focus drink maker’s new “eNgage” and “diseNgage” drinks will also provide the UoL with the energy needed to go the extra mile.

Sascha Resch, Head of Marketing at eNgage commented: “The combination of mental fitness and physical energy plays an important role in eSports in particular, but also in other areas of life. We have developed the products ‘eNgage’ and ‘diseNgage’ in order to meet this requirement. The Unicorns of Love, one of the strongest brands in League of Legends, provides the ideal communication platform for our new focus drinks. We are also looking forward to intensifying our existing cooperation and supporting the UoL during the playoffs.”

Moritz Altmann, Director of Product Management at Lagardère Sports Germany, added: “We are not only looking forward to renewing our existing partnership, but also expanding on it. eNgage’s decision underscores the UoL’s attractiveness as a communication platform that can be used for achieving goals and increasing brand awareness. The continued cooperation is also a testament to the trusting relationship and excellent teamwork.”

“The expansion of this partnership is a sign that our partners appreciate the team’s development and hard work. We are delighted to have the opportunity to expand and intensify our relationship to eNgage, one of our most important partners,” said Jos Mallant, CEO of Unicorns of Love.


About eNgage
eNgage is a natural focus drink developed for situations requiring long-lasting focus and brain power. It is perfect for Gamers, Students and anyone needing optimal cognitive functionality. eNgage has been developed by GG united, a global-minded team focused on establishing and supporting an inclusive gaming community through innovative eSports related products, services and events.

About Unicorns of Love
Unicorns of Love (UOL) is a multinational eSports organization, playing in League of Legends (LCS Europe by RIOT) Champions League since 2015. Founded in 2013 by Fabian Mallant, Unicorns of Love specializes in contracting pro gamers, executing online and offline broadcasts, and developing unique marketing initiatives aiming at attracting and influencing gamers worldwide. UOL has become one of most recognizable organisations and fan favourite with an unpredictable play-style. In 2016 the team won their first major tournament. Unicorns of Love are the current champions of the IEM Oakland in League of Legends.

About Lagardère Sports
Lagardère Sports is a leading sports marketing agency with a global network of local experts dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We believe sport inspires emotions and passion that are essential to enriching people’s lives and generate powerful collective experiences. At Lagardère Sports, we dedicate our expertise and passion to providing our clients with privileged access to the infinite opportunities of sports. Lagardère Sports is part of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, a company with more than 1,600 employees worldwide and 50 years of experience.


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