Paris, 2 July 2019 Lagardère Sports, part of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment today announced that ACADOMIA, France’s leader in educational support, will be AJ Auxerre’s official sponsor until 2022, consolidating a three-year-long partnership. Lagardère Sports is AJ Auxerre’s exclusive agency.

ACADOMIA will be displayed on the team’s shirt pocket, along with various display devices at the Stade de l’Abbé-Deschamps (LEDs, touch panels and at the training ground), and highlights in all of the club’s media coverage. Additionally, ACADOMIA will also take part in the “Escort Kids” mascot programme as well as upcoming 2019 events involving players for the benefit of the fan community.

ACADOMIA’s name has been emblazoned on the youth team’s shirt pockets (U15/17/19) since 2016 – the year which marked the start of their collaboration. Since then, ACADOMIA and AJ Auxerre have been working together on a project for youth, education and sport: the ACADOMIA AJ Auxerre Academy.

This initiative brings together the French leader in educational support and a renowned football academy to prevent situations where young people are forced to choose between their passion for sport and their studies. The academy offers them an environment where they can succeed in both spaces.

The new contract announced today also includes ACADOMIA’s sponsorship of two football games aimed at:

  • Highlighting its partnership with Association Actions Enfance, which looks to reunite siblings who have been victims of abuse or serious neglect.
  • Rewarding students who graduated in 2019, by offering them the opportunity to attend an AJ Auxerre game at the Stadium.

Philippe COLEON, Managing Director of ACADOMIA: “I am delighted that ACADOMIA’s collaboration with AJ Auxerre doubled in strength and ambition through this new promising contract. We always had this move in mind which confirms our desire to continue to share our values with the club and pass them on to fans.”

Francis GRAILLE, President of AJ Auxerre: “AJ Auxerre is proud to announce this partnership as well as reveal ACADOMIA’s trust in our work. AJ Auxerre and ACADOMIA share strong common values, including success, training, education, and a genuine desire to constantly evolve. Together, we are writing a beautiful story.”

Laurent MORETTI, Managing Director France at Lagardère Sports: “Back in 2016, I declared that the Lagardère Sports team launched a promising collaboration between AJ Auxerre and ACADOMIA. This new sponsorship, three years later, proves that both institutions are determined to take their collaboration forward – a project we’re particularly proud of and looking forward to manage.”

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