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In this distracted age, we believe that partnership marketing done right is the most successful way for brands to win attention and loyalty.

Whatever business you are in and whoever you want to win over, becoming a valued part of your audience’s passions and interests is vital in the battle for attention.

We understand brands, audiences and properties – and the dynamics between them – better than anyone.

PLUS 350x350


We offer world-class strategic, creative, research and digital capabilities in the partnership marketing space.

Our services can be divided into three main areas, offering clients end-to-end solutions or à la carte expertise:
Left column image 480x715 BMW
Left column image 480x715 BMW


With so many options for brand partnerships in sports, entertainment, music, arts and beyond, we do the hard work to make your decision-making easy. With years of experience and expertise across the globe – and access to proprietary data and strategic tools – we identify precisely the right partnerships to meet your brand and business objectives. And from there, we negotiate the best possible deals and manage partner integration seamlessly.
• Partnership Exploratory
• Partnership Strategy
• Negotiation & Existing Deal Assessments
• Partner Management

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We know that brand partnerships live or die on the quality of the creative experiences that you build around them. Our mantra is to add value to the fan, to add value to the brand, to add value to the business. By constantly investing in qualitative and quantitative research to better understand fan wants, needs and behaviors, we know what will truly capture people’s attention. And we have world-class creative and production capabilities to create all the assets you need, for every channel.
• Creative Strategy & Concepts
• Content Production
• Digital and Mobile Development
• Experiential & Events
• Hospitality

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Left column image 480x715 CITI
Left column image 480x715 CITI


Proving our worth is something we take very seriously. We are 100% wedded to measuring success, not just at the end of a partnership, but during its lifespan too – often, small strategic or creative adjustments can make a world of difference to the business outcome. We believe the best approach is to align on KPIs upfront – our experience is that a shared responsibility for meeting targets makes for a much happier working partnership. We know that ideas are nothing if they don’t move the needle, so we’ll work with you to make sure that happens.
• Data Reporting
• ROI Analysis
• Program Optimization
• Ongoing Insight Generation


Lagardère Plus continues to explore strategic acquisitions to deliver ever more impactful partnership marketing. The following are fully owned subsidiaries of Lagardère Sports & Entertainment.


A full-service creative and branding agency that is creatively courageous, strategically forensic, digitally progressive, data smart and behaviour driven.

VIP SportsTravel

VIP Sportstravel is a global hospitality agency specialising in tailor-made, brand-driven services. They make major sporting events unforgettable – for guests of sponsors, corporations and sports organisations.

Rooftop2 Productions

Rooftop2 Productions is our experiential marketing and production agency.

Founded in 2012 and based in New York City, Rooftop is unmatched in creating and producing live marketing experiences that connect brands with consumers.





As of October 2017, Lagardère Plus is the new name for all our consulting and agency businesses, uniting all our global expertise and experience. Plus incorporates:



Proven German market leaders in creating premium brand experiences that generate emotional ties between fans and brands.

Sponsorship 360

Experts in developing, designing and deploying multi-channel activations across properties including motorsport, tennis, cycling and sailing; extensive experience with luxury brands.


A long and exemplary history of strategic sponsorship advisory, activation of sponsorship rights and operational implementation.