Today, Lagardère Sports leads talent representation and management. We represent hundreds of clients in domains ranging from golf, tennis and American football to baseball and cricket.

Thanks to our unique brand-focused management philosophy, we effectively oversee the careers of top athletes around the globe. We work to ensure the long-term success of the athletes that confide in us, with an eye towards their post-professional career options.

Contract negotiation is the cornerstone of our expertise. We offer clients privileged access to vibrant networks that allow us to obtain contracts on their behalf. Career strategy and advisory services are an integral

part of our added value: our clients’ branding and career ambitions are priority.

As agents, we build endorsement deals and seek out opportunities for appearances that take our clients’ brands to the next level. To maximize impact, we coordinate marketing, promotions and travel seamlessly. We also offer PR and community management services to extend the reach of our clients’ actions and enhance their return on investment.

Our diversified portfolio speaks for itself: our services have attracted the world’s most successful sporting talents from over 33 nationalities.

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Phil Mickelson

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Khalil Mack

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Our Services

Career Management

It’s essential for athletes to focus on training so we handle the other every day details. With our team’s experience we help world-class athletes develop both in and out of the sporting arena, maximising and guiding the professional trajectory of their careers.



With the organisation and management of appearances we allow fans to get close to their fan bases, showcase their personalities and leverage their personal brands. We work with our athletes to select the most relevant events for their career, so they are not only known for playing a sport but become the face of it.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations are where we step in to advocate for the interest of our athletes in contract deals. Our goal is to ensure our athletes sign contracts in their best interest, in line with their career trajectory, and beneficial to their image.


Branding helps us to position an athlete in a way that he or she can align with consumer or institutional brands to create winning partnerships. To ensure maximum reach on the market, we work with our athletes to create a personal brand that is true to their principles, goals and image.


Logistics are crucial to ensure athletes can get from game to conference, from home to training and much more. We handle travel, hotel, and many other bookings to make the lives of our athletes easier.

PR, Digital Platforms and Community Management

PR, digital platforms and community management play an important role in protecting, growing and promoting an athlete’s image. Our experts create strategies in line with our athlete’s personal brands to promote their goals both on and offline, working with both traditional and social media and influencers.