Founded in 1905 by the Father Ernest Abbé Deschamps, the AJ Auxerre is one of the most well known clubs in the history of French soccer with 32 consecutive seasons of elite rankings.

The longevity of the Auxerrois is the result of its culture, philosophy and methodology.


The Club is anchored in local history and appreciated for the values and richness it represents for Burgundy. Thanks to its past and its identity, the AJ Auxerre is popular throughout France.




The AJ Auxerre training compound has trained over 18 internationally recognized players such as Eric Cantona, Djibril Cissé, and Basile Boli.

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  • 1905: The A.J. Auxerre club is founded
  • Winners of the Coupe de France in 1994, 1996, 2003 and 2005
  • 1996: Champion de France

Key facts and figures

  • 527,000 visitors to the official website in 2015
  • 18 international players have been trained at the club
  • 130 European Cup matches
  • 6 time winner of the Gambardella Cup
  • 35,000 followers onTwitter
  • 143,000 fans on Facebook
  • 3.7 million visits to the club website on the internet.

Why should you become a partner ?

A solid club reputation

According to an IPSOS study conducted in March 2009 on professional football clubs, 76% of participants thought highly of the A.J. Auxerre’s image, versus the 63% average for French football clubs.


A modernized stadium

Abbé-Deschamps has new, 700m2 panoramic private suites.

Strong social media presence

35000 followers on Twitter, 143,000 fans on Facebook, and 3.7 millions visits to the club website.

Clear visibility in the media for a League 2 club

Stacked against all League 2 clubs, the A.J Auxerre is ranked first for media coverage.